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My not so little bundle of joy

2 Oct

DynaGirl is nine today.  And with every birthday of every child of every year, I find myself wondering where the time has gone.  The seems like just yesterdays are always on the tip of my tongue, yet when I think about all that has happened, all that we’ve been through, and how much she has grown, I realize that of course this much time has passed.

At 6 pounds 14 ounces, she was my smallest little bundle of joy.  Over the past almost decade, she has become my not so little bundle of joy and also my bundle of contradictions.  She is my silliest and most serious.  My toughest and most fragile.  My first to forgive and last to forget.  My most popular and most lonely.  My most affectionate and most distant.  My happiest and most melancholy.

She sometimes laments being the outsider among her sisters—the only brown-eyed brunette in a family of blue-eyed blonde women.  I tell her I love that she is different because she brings me the best of both worlds.  She sometimes wishes she wasn’t the oldest sister with all of the extra responsibilities and expectations.  I tell her that being my first daughter will always make her extra special.  She sometimes complains that I am quicker to praise her younger, more emotionally needy sister.  I tell her that nothing and no one brings me greater joy than her.  And it’s true.  I hope deep down (or not so very deep down) she believes it or that at least someday she will.

Happy birthday, DynaGirl!  I love you!