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Still got the fevah

10 Oct

So the other day BigHugs, who hasn’t been feeling very well this week, comes up to me and says, “I have a hot.”  Goose said, “I think she means she has a cold.”  I think she was feeling hot and was just trying to avoid saying the other word, considering what happened the last time she tried to have a serious conversation about her health issues with her mother.

For some reason, this joke just never gets old for me.  Last month one of Mr. T’s birthday gifts included this:


Last week, DynaGirl got Singstar for her birthday.  It’s a karaoke game for Playstation.  They have several versions, including 80’s, 90’s, rock, pop and amped.  I picked up amped.  How could I not?  It has “Don’t Fear the Reaper” on it.   DynaGirl and Mr. T tried it out in duet mode, and did a pretty good job.  But, of course, the whole time I kept thinking, “I need more cowbell.”  I decided right then and there, this family must acquire a cowbell.

I first checked with my local music store, but all of their cowbells are designed to be mounted with a drum set.  So I checked online.  My first stop was Amazon.  They seem to have everything, plus I like reading the customer reviews.  I find them very helpful.  Well, there are plenty of useless reviews like “this sucked” or “I don’t actually have this, but it looks awesome”, but occasionally you find someone who obviously knows what they’re talking about and offers some helpful insights.

Like this guy in his review of the Basic Beat Black Cowbell.  We’ll call him J from Texas.

Looking back on my long musical career, I have played many instruments, but I keep coming back to my first love… the cowbell. Oh sure, I’ve tried them all – from triangle to wood block but I have never felt so in tune with any other instrument than the Cowbell.

I have many different cowbells in my collection. Most of these are for a particular mood only. If I am feeling somewhat polka, I always reach for my signature “Shmenge Brothers #6” with the zebrawood handle… for rock it is my “Gussmann Blue-Steel Screamer”… jazz see’s me grab my “Trini Lopez Limmited Addition Melody Master” knock-off.

But here is the finest single cowbell I have ever played. It has such a full & pleasant sound it seems to go with any type of music I play. My group was shocked when I showed up to our last gig and I only brought this little beauty with me. They protested at first and even threatened not to do the show, but their fears quickly disovled when I brought the house down with our first song of the night.

I can only close with this… Buy this Cowbell and see if I am not right! This thing is a Godsend for any serious cowbeller out there. You will reach new areas of playing that you did not even think were possible.

And as if J’s glowing review wasn’t enough to sell me on it, here’s W from Seoul, Korea.

Fellas, I’m tellin’ ya…you’re gonna want more cowbell. I got a fever and the only prescription is more Basic Beat Black Cowbell!

I think I’ve found my cowbell, people.