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You bet your sweet bippy!

15 Oct

That title actually has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I’m about to ramble on about.  I heard it last night on Mythbusters and was totally taken aback as the only other person I can recall ever having said this before is Madhousewife.  Where does this come from?  Did the blind man driving the car on Mythbusters get it from you, Mad?


At breakfast.

BigHugs:  Are you the grossest mom?

Me:  Do you think I’m gross?

BigHugs:  No.

Me:  OK, then no.  I guess.



Mr. T has figured out that he can shoot nerf darts out of his nose.  He can get about 5 ft out of them.


So surprise, surprise.  Mr. T and DynaGirl have decided they want to be hobos for Halloween.  I’m not exactly sure how they’re envisioning their costumes, but I’m thinking they can’t be too hard to throw together with stuff I’ve got around the house.  I’m pretty much the Halloween scrooge.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the holiday, I mean candy, come on.  But I don’t mess with a lot of decorations and I spend as little as possible on my children’s costumes—like next to nothing.  Or nothing.  I thought I had convinced Goose to recycle her Cinderella costume from two years ago, but of course, once she heard the hobo thing she was conflicted.  Chuck so helpfully suggested she go as Hobo Cinderella.  You know, Cinderella post-midnight with the raggedy clothes.  So now Goose wants me to sew her a Hobo Cinderella costume.  I told her I didn’t know how to do that.  Then again, Chuck so helpfully suggested we just take the nice Cinderella dress and rip it all up like the evil step sisters do in the cartoon and whalla—Hobo Cinderella.  He says these things out loud.


That is all.