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Quick etiquette question & other junk

17 Oct

So Goose was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates.  It turns out it’s a combined party for this classmate and some other girl Goose has never heard of.  Do I have to get the stranger a present, too?  How many of the invitees do you suppose know both girls?  Will Goose be the only one bearing gift?  I’ve decided I’m mostly just annoyed by birthday parties.

How ’bout that Office last night?  I’m tempted to have another child just so I can name her Astird.  I know, I know.  It is beautiful.

One of my favorite moments was Andy’s face looking at Angela’s baby picture.  Classic.  It was a good episode—lots of rewinding on the DVR for replays.  What were your favorite moments?

Goose and DynaGirl brushing their teeth.

Goose, singing:  La la times have come.

DynaGirl, joining in:  Here, but now there gone.

Goose:  Na na don’t fear the reaper.

DynaGirl:  Na na na na sun or rain.

Goose and DynaGirl:  We can be like they are.

DynaGirl:  La, la la, la la

Goose:  La, la la, la la

DynaGirl:  Don’t fear the reaper.

Goose:  Don’t fear the reaper.

Perfect tooth brushing song.  Don’t forget to throw in some gurgling and spitting.


In the car.

BigHugs:  Mom, I love pigs, you know.

Me:  I know.

BigHugs, with a sigh:  I love pigs all the time.

What’s not to love?


Breakfast this morning.

Me:  What do you want for breakfast, Goose?

Goose:  I really feel like I want brownies.

Me:  You can’t eat brownies for breakfast.  Pick something else.

She had Cookie Crisp.  Always finding the loopholes.