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Super Mom!

27 Oct

Super Mom—part I

Guess who’s making a hobo Cinderella costume?  I was up until 1 am working on it, too. Although, I suppose “making” might be a little bit of a stretch since the only thing I’m actually making is an apron.  And some mice.  With clothes.  And no, we are not ripping up the nice Cinderella dress.  We are doing Cinderella in her day clothes.  You know, the brown dress with the blue sleeves and the white apron and white kerchief in her hair.  And the best part is we had it all in the closet already.  It’s very cute, actually.  I’ll have to post pictures because I can tell you aren’t sure.  Oh, and the bestest part is Goose thinks I’m beyond awesome because I’ve made her wildest Halloween dreams come true.

Super Mom—part II

About 10 minutes after Mr. T left for school today, I realized he’d forgotten his PE clothes.  I had just put them in the dryer this morning because I totally forgot about them last night.  Now usually I’m the kind of mother that thinks this would be a perfect opportunity to teach him how to be responsible for his own things, but I remember what it was like to be a “non-suit” in PE and it really isn’t all that fun.  Plus last week was parent teacher conferences at his school, and I met with his PE teacher and asked him about some days Mr. T had been docked participation points because Mr. T assured me he had suited up and participated every day.  His teacher said that it was for a two-day note that had been written (presumably by me) to excuse him from participating, and he could make those days up if he would like.  I’ve never written a note and told the teacher as much, to which he replied, “Well, is he the kind of kid that would write his own note?”  No, he is not.  I asked if it was possible that he had been mixed up with another student, and he kind of looked at me like I was nuts and then suggested maybe I just didn’t remember.  It was only two weeks ago.  I think I’d remember writing a note asking for him to be excused from PE for two days.  So when I asked Mr. T about it again and mentioned the note, he said that another student in his class had sat out with an injury for a couple of days a couple of weeks ago, and he happens to have the same first name as Mr. T and his last name directly follows ours alphabetically.  Well, gee.  I didn’t bother to bring this to the PE teacher’s attention.  Mr. T still has an A in the class (plus it’s PE!), so I decided it just wasn’t worth it.  But I was going to be darned if I gave that teacher any more reason to think my kid wasn’t perfectly wonderful with a non-suit today.

Super Mom—part III

So I got home from dropping off the PE clothes, and what do you think I saw?  Mr. T’s clarinet.  Fortheluvva… I had decided that would just have to be too bad because I had already made one special trip to the school and I’m not a special trip kind of mom anyway, so he’d just have to deal.  To make a long story short (I already spent way to much time on that PE clothes thing), I took his clarinet to the school too.  And the lady in the office kind of gave me this look and said, “Well, maybe next time the consequence of not having his clarinet for band will teach him to be more responsible in the future.”  I wanted to tell her I’m usually right with her on that, and then I wanted to explain to her how this was the first time in the 7 years of Mr. T’s school career that I have ever brought something(s) to his school when he’s forgotten it, and then I was going to tell her about how I’m on this whole Super Mom roll today, and then I was mostly just irritated that this lady who knew nothing about me or my son felt the need to comment on my parenting, so I just left.

I don’t care what she thinks.  Mr. T is a good kid.  For some reason I wasn’t in a “That’ll learn him” kind of mood.  And today, as far as he’s concerned (and Goose, for that matter, who is looooving her hobo Cinderella costume), I’m Super Mom.  Or at least I darn well better be.  I can go back to being Oh Well Sucks To Be You Mom tomorrow.