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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

It’s here.  The day my little hands have been slaving away for.  The costumes are done.  The pumpkins are carved.  The candy is purchased.  Now all that’s left to do is the girls’ class Halloween parties and a quick trip around the neighborhood for some trick-or-treating and it will all be over.  Yesssssssss.

I think the jack-o-lanterns turned out great, as usual.

The old school one on the left is BigHugs’.  Goose drew the face for BigHugs according to her specific instructions, and then Goose and Chuck carved it.  The big melon head face belongs to Mr. T—it fits him perfectly, personality-wise I mean (though, he does have a larger than average noggin).  The ghost belongs to DynaGirl who did the design and carving all by herself and was very proud of that fact.  And the boo on the end belongs to Goose, who chose hers from a set of stencils we have.  Oh, and it was carved by yours truly, as was the melon head.  Betcha didn’t know what mad carving skillz I had.  Snort.

I complain about the hassle and mess of the carving of the pumpkins every year, but it’s tradition and I’m always happy with how they turn out.

Here’s Halloween 2007.

Yep, that’s the Kool-Aid man.  Mr. T was the Kool-Aid man last year for Halloween, and wanted his pumpkin to match.

Halloween 2006

That’s Mr. T’s Darth Vader.  I hadn’t remembered that DynaGirl had done the ghost thing before.

Halloween 2005

The kitty belonged to DynaGirl.  I remember her specifically requesting the wink.


I’ll be sure to post pictures of my little goblins in their full Halloween garb next week.


Have a fun and safe Halloween! 


P.S.  Have you ever seen the entire Thriller video?  It’s a classic.  Oh Michael, what happened to you?