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Anyone else think Bob Costas is the new Dick Clark? And other Olympics-related thoughts.

26 Feb

*Seriously, does this guy age?


THIRTY years ago: 

*The Canadian Women’s Hockey Team?  ClassyI don’t begrudge them their win, though.  And it seems somewhat fitting for the sport, no?

*They really should have the Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe Finals before the Men’s.  It’s really hard to get excited about the women’s runs after seeing the men’s.  Very anti-climactic.

*The uniforms are almost enough to tempt me to try out for Norway’s Men’s Olympic Curling Team.

But maybe I’ll just have to settle for the fanwear:

*What makes someone wake up one morning and decide they want to be a professional lugist?

*Ice dancing frightens me.

*Watching the Olympics makes me very tense.  I don’t like seeing anyone mess up, regardless of what country they are representing.   And mistakes like the one made by the Dutch speed skating coach that cost that athlete the gold make me wish there were such a thing as cosmic do-overs.  Come on, it wasn’t his fault!  Can’t you just give him the medal anyway?

*Speaking of wishing for cosmic do-overs, I think the most distressing memory I’ll take away from these Olympic games is the We Are The World remake I saw before the opening ceremonies.  I know it’s for a good cause, but some things just need to be left alone!

Seriously, how can you improve on this?

What’s been your favorite/least favorite part of these games?



24 Feb

I left this voicemail last night for someone I work with at church (this was the first time I had ever called her):

I was having a thought about our activity and wanted to get your thoughts on my thought, which you don’t know yet because you’re not home, which is why I’m leaving this message.  *nervous laughter* I hate answering machines! *nervous laughter*  Anyway, could you please call me when you get a chance?  OKthanksbye.

Why do I turn into a blathering idiot on the phone?  I suspect I am frequently a blathering idiot in person, but at least that’s not recorded.  Fully justified phone phobia!  Sigh.

Anything turn you into a blathering idiot?  Any justified phobias?

Houston, we have curtains

23 Feb

Lately, in case you haven’t noticed, my heart has just not been in the blog.  I think I hit some kind of two year wall.  I’ve been limping along with an occasional post about some music or some funny valentines or the old reliable kidspeak, but that’s mostly been about poking my head out to keep in touch with you all.  I’ve been thinking lately that maybe this blogging and writing thing really isn’t my thing—that maybe it was time to give up the blogging ghost.

But then one day last week I spent a good 30-45 minutes reading through my archives.  Yes, my OWN archives.  And you know what?  There were actually a decent number of posts where I was amused and/or touched by myself.  (Er, scratch that last part.)  So I’m not ready to give up.  Or even take an extended break.  I’m just hoping that one of these days in the not too far distant future, I’ll rediscover my blojo.  (Wow.  Um, that was supposed to be a clever blog/mojo combo, but you better just go ahead and scratch that, too.)

(A wiser woman would delete this and start over, but I think we all know me a little better than that by now.)

So obviously I have not been channeling my energy into the blog, but where has it been going?  Well, my friends, I’ve actually completed something on my to do list.  No, really, I have.  Some of you may recall my little curtain dilemma.  Well, after an exhaustive search, I finally gave up on finding the perfect curtains and decided to go with those neutral oatmealy ones.  Only since I decided this nearly three months after my purchase of the original neutral oatmealy ones, when I went to Target last week, they were clearancing out the neutral oatmealy ones and were completely out of the 84″ length ones.  They did, however, have 95″ ones, which were entirely too long for my windows, but were also on clearance for $6 a panel.  So I did the unthinkable.  I purchased them with the express intent of altering them to fit my window.  Yes, another project.  To go unfinished.  But I didn’t unfinish it, people.  I so opposite of unfinished it!  I opposite of unfinished the heck out of it.


The living room…

The dining room (notice how the curtains match)…

I even made a valance for the kitchen with the same material as my tiebacks…

I can’t say that I LOVE the curtains.  I’m still not real crazy about the color or the tieback look (it just really seemed to need something to break up the neutrally oatmeal going on there).  And heaven knows, my home decorating skills in general leave a lot to be desired (matchy match much?).  But I think I just decided that I can’t go through life waiting around for the perfect curtains all the while lamenting my lack of perfect curtainness.  I need to be more proactive—work with what I’ve got, make the most of it, be happy, blah, blah, blah.  And I do love the kitchen valance and that I no longer have two different sets of curtains on the same wall.  But most of all, I love that I finished a project—a project which included measuring, cutting, ironing, pinning, hemming, bobbin thread loading (times 6 because my sewing machine and I have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship), sewing and curtain rod hanging, no less!  It gives me hope for the future.

What’s giving you hope for the future?

More love!

19 Feb

My new favorite song of the week:

Shiny Toy Guns, You Are the One

I know exactly why this song appeals to me so much.  It’s got that strong 80s vibe—heavy on the synths, catchy hook line, the boy/girl duet action, the slowmo song-ending fakeout with a resurgence of the tempo into the final chorus and the abrupt cut-off.  Classic 80s formula.  I love it. 

Every time I hear it, it triggers my side to side alternating up and down arm-swinging, finger-snapping, hip-swaying, side-stepping, toe-kicking, head-bobbing, Molly Ringwalding muscle memory.   Love.  It.

Also loving this OK Go video.  Funnest video I’ve seen in a very long time.  Love it.

Not much going on here—a whole lotta housework, and then maybe Chuck and I will slip out for dinner.  I’m trying to decide what sounds good.  Thai? Italian? Mexican? Greasy burgers and onion rings?  What do I want to eat?  

Any big plans for the weekend, ladies?  What do you want to eat?

Yes, I know, February 14th was like so 3 days ago

17 Feb

But shouldn’t everyday be celebrate love day?  My sister, Foo4luv, really took my customizable valentine invitation to heart, and sent me these fantastic customized valentines:

Complete with special valentines messages:

HeMan: You are the master of my universe.

Ponch: There’s no speed limit on the highway of love.

Michael Knight: K.I.T.T. – Keep In Touch, Treasure!

Edward Cullen: I’ve waited a hundred years for a valentine like you.

I think Ponch is my favorite because, as my sister said, he looks like he’s really into me.  Although, HeMan’s love note is pretty hard to beat.

What celebrity would you put in your customized valentine?  (One with your face on it, not mine.)  And what would the message say?

I heart you

14 Feb

In the spirit of eco-friendly valentines, here is a special custom customizable
e-valentine from me to you.


Because I heart you.


~ Bythelbs


Goose was very excited to see me working on this special valentine until I blanked out her face and wrote on top of it.

As if Valentine’s Day wasn’t lame enough already

11 Feb

Last night I was at Freddy’s doing some last minute V-Day shopping for Goose and DynaGirl’s school parties today when I came across these Valentines:

OK, so the animals are cute.  My kids like animals.  I think most kids like animals.  It’s nice to have some options beyond Disney Princesses and Spiderman.  But then I looked at the back of the box:

A closer look:

Sorry, it’s a little hard to read still.  The parrots say, “you have many friends in the rainforest”. 

*eye roll*

I thought these were some of the most ridiculous valentines I had ever seen, until I saw this:

On the back:

The top three pics on the left say: “News for you…friends keep the playground clean!”, “Paper loves a good picnic!”, “You too can recycle!”


BigHugs had her Valentine’s party at preschool yesterday.  She came home with these:

I had a hard time making out the “conversations” on most of these conversation hearts, but these say “I WANT YOU”.  There was also “TRUE LOVE” and “BAD GUY”.  From pics online it looks like you can also get “I*heart*EC”, “BITE ME” and “LIVE FOREVER”.  Well, that’s just fantastic.  She’s in preschool!  She’s four!

Why is Valentine’s Day so lame?