Cuckoo for coconuts

22 Apr

One evening.

Goose:  Can I have a bunny?

Me:  No.

Goose:  Can I please have a bunny?

Me:  You know you can’t have a bunny.  I don’t know why you keep asking me, you will never wear me down.

Goose:  Can I have a bunny?

A few minutes later.

Mr. T:  Can I have a coconut?

Me:  Like for a pet?

Mr. T:  No, just to have.

Me:  What would you do with it?

Mr. T:  I’d cut it in half and bang it together to make horse sounds.  I could gallop to and from school.


12 Responses to “Cuckoo for coconuts”

  1. Susan M at 1:58 pm #

    You should have said, “Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?”

  2. shazbraz at 2:10 pm #

    I am here to tell you that if your son and my son knew each other, they would be the very best of friends. and they might frighten us. that is all.

  3. kamilli vanilli at 2:32 pm #

    I definitely think you should get her a coconut.

  4. Julie at 2:44 pm #

    That young man has been watching some Monty Python, no?? If not, he is ready for the MP. Get him to it…now.

  5. bythelbs at 3:56 pm #

    I don’t think he’s actually seen MP’s Holy Grail, at least not in its entirety, but he must at least be familiar with the coconut horses. I’ll have to ask.

    Shaz—Maybe they’ll end up mission companions in some kind of foreordained twist of fate.

  6. madhousewife at 4:11 pm #

    Coconuts are cheaper than bunnies. I think a coconut is a perfectly reasonable request.

  7. Flipflopmama at 4:15 pm #

    And coconuts make much cleaner pets than bunnies. Just sayin…

  8. Lora at 1:09 pm #

    And you don’t have to clean the cage after a coconut has been there… or feed it… or talk to it. Your kids are awesome.

  9. foo4luv at 3:25 pm #

    One of the film sites they used in MP’s Holy Grail (a castle) offers tourists the opportunity to take two coconut halves and gallop about the grounds. I think they rent the coconuts out. I saw it on one of the DVD extras.
    I say get a coconut. They’re tasty and entertaining!

  10. Alison Wonderland at 10:56 am #

    Not tasty but I’ll give you entertaining. And easier than a bunny (although bunnies really aren’t too bad as far as pets go).

  11. Patience at 1:50 pm #

    That’s hilarious about the coconuts! Bunnies do make very sweet pets, though.

  12. Boquinha at 2:01 pm #

    I didn’t ever think we’d get a dog and felt quite justified in saying no over and over and over again. A lot of good that did me.

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