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30 Apr

*Anyone singing this yet?

*Dude, it’s April 30.

*Yesterday my baby brother turned 30.  The BABY of the family turned 30.

*Last weekend I finally got my crown.  Two weeks before they put on a temporary, and when they went to take it off to put on the permanent one, it wouldn’t come off.  They used like three different clampy/plier thingies and it would   not   budge.  At one point, I honestly thought the dental assistant was going to straddle me, planting one foot in my chair for leverage, but they ended up cutting it off instead.  It was a frightening and at times painful experience, but it was all worth it to get this little baby:


(This is not my actual mouth, btw.  I tried to take pictures of my own crown, but I decided I wasn’t ready for you all to be that intimately acquainted with the inside of my mouth.  I mean we’re close, but we’re not that close.)

*Last week DynaGirl came home with a letter about an opportunity for the 4th grade girls to view the video “Changing”.  In the past, they’ve sent home the letter and you had to sign and return it if you wanted to opt your child out of the experience.  Now they’re showing it on an opt-in basis, so students will need to present a signed permission slip before they will be allowed to see the video.  The permission slip says, “This will be your child’s ticket to see the movie” and then there’s this clipart image:

Does anyone else find this a little creepy?  It’s a PUBERTY movie.

*DynaGirl is currently reading Little Women and loving it, though she keeps asking if people are going to die.  She seems pretty concerned about it.  It didn’t help to have Chuck come home and say, “You’re reading Little Women?  That’s a really sad book.”  I expressed my surprise that Chuck had read the book, but then he told me he hadn’t, he just remembered Joey had to stick it in the freezer.

*Mr. T has decided he wants to memorize all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.  He’s had it on repeat 24/7.  I think he’s almost there.  DynaGirl, too.  I thought I was getting sick of it, but no matter how many times he plays it, I can’t help but sing along.  Can you?

*I’ve had the latest Muse CD playing in the car.  This song totally has a Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen vibe for me, except instead of the head-banging, guitar-riffing bridge, there’s a classical interlude.

*What’s going on with you?