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Signs of summer

28 Jun

Tucking Goose into bed last night.

Me: Cheer camp’s tomorrow—you’re going to have to get up a little earlier.

Goose: What time is cheer camp?

Me:  Nine o’clock.

Goose:  Nine o’clock in the morning?!

Nine is the new six.

Don’t mess with a parade clown

21 Jun

Especially if he’s got cuffs.

Around town

16 Jun

Yesterday I saw a car at my girls’ school with “I <heart> Erik Estrada” written in the dirt on the driver’s side door.

Same day, I was driving by the church where my kids had their recital and noticed their message board welcoming D. Harsh as their new worship director.

Our local cemetery has a plastic banner sign hanging up amidst their gravestones advertising a holiday special: Buy one get one free plots.  Pre-need only.

The Little Caesar’s sign spinning guy has a new guitar shaped sign, which goes perfectly with his long hair and mutton chops.

Our guy’s way cooler than this chump.

Have you ever seen this?

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

So it begins

14 Jun

School gets out on Thursday, but apparently the teachers are already cleaning out the classrooms because the deluge of paper, projects, used/random/worthless school supplies and paraphernalia has hit my house.  I hate this part.

I noticed Mr. T came home with his at school meds, including his rescue inhaler and Epipen.  There are four days left of school.  I mentioned this to Mr. T and he said, “It’s like they’re plotting my assassination.”

More than once this weekend, my kids complained of boredom.  I’m just hours away from a three month weekend.  Shoot.  Me.  Now.

Along with the boredom came an increase in sibling unpleasantries.  Lock and load, people.  Seriously.

Four more days.   And then it’s 81 more days.


Preschool Oddities

10 Jun

BigHugs brought this coloring page home from preschool the other day, and for some reason it just doesn’t sit quite right with me.


Yesterday was BigHugs’ last day of preschool, so they had a little celebration party with lunch.  Before we ate, they had all of the kids sanitize their hands and prepare themselves for the prayer.  “Everyone close your eyes real tight and get ready for the prayer!”  And then they sang the prayer.  Like this super happy, upbeat song with a lot of amens.  With their eyes closed.  I have nothing against praying.  Or against singing.  But you can’t sing with your eyes closed!  (If you’ve never seen About a Boy, you need to rent that movie.  Or read the book.)

Mr. T behind the lens

9 Jun

I was transferring the pictures from the kids’ piano recital when I discovered these:

Should I be concerned about the subject matter?


The piano recital I mentioned was last night.  All of the kids did really well.  It was held at a local church, one we hadn’t been to before.  When we pulled into the parking lot, we saw this:

I love a church with a sense of humor.  And conga drums.  There were conga drums!

Summer playlist

8 Jun

Chuck recently put a new mix CD in the car, which included quite a few new-to-me songs that I think are pretty fun and perfect for summer.

Dominos – The Big Pink

The first few times I heard this one, I thought he was saying “These guns fall like dominos,” which would be an entirely different song.

1901 – Phoenix

See?  Fun, right?

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I keep trying to figure out who this reminds me of…

Mountain Man – Crash Kings

For some reason I really love this one.

I came across this next group sometime last year while I was browsing youtube for something else, and then I promptly forgot their name and spent quite a few months trying to find them again.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing – Rooney

I think this one is a couple or so years old.  Anyone familiar with Rooney?  What else is good?  (Does anyone else find this video a little creepy?  Or maybe a lot creepy?)

Last month we saw Paramore (I keep meaning to blog about it—maybe I’ll get to it one of these days), and they were fantastic.  They had a couple of pretty good opening bands, too, including fun. and Relient K.

All the Pretty Girls – fun.

(If you use the link to the official video, you’ll see skinny jeans are not the most attractive look for the lead singer.)

I also really like I Wanna Be the One.  Another really fun one by fun..

Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been – Relient K

Relient K is a Christian rock band, so a lot of their songs have messages along those lines.  They have a lot of happy, upbeat stuff that’s just kind of fun to sing along with.

What’s on your summer playlist?