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26 Oct

DynaGirl: To avoid being made fun of, don’t share your feelings.

Mr. T-isms

26 Oct

Mr. T: Nice try, Mom.  But guilt-tripping only works when the person cares about your feelings.

Lessons learned lately

22 Oct

*5 year olds are the best—BigHugs: Mom, I need to go potty.  Can you keep an eye on my banana for me?

*It’s OK to revel in the slightest accomplishments—Last night I made sure the family took note that I had cooked an actual dinner for two consecutive nights.  They were quick to compliment me and express their gratitude.  Mr. T chimed in: Yeah, and remember that time last month when you made dinner like every night for almost a whole week?

*What a difference a few less “friends” makes—In the six weeks since severing ties with her old best friends, DynaGirl has become a new woman.  She comes home from school happy almost every single day.  She does what she wants at recess and plays with whomever she feels like.  She’s not worried about whether or not her friends are going to like her on any given day.  It’s pretty awesome.

*I prefer older, female checkers—The other day DynaGirl and I were picking up supplies for her birthday party.

Young, male checker: Big plans for the weekend?
DynaGirl: I’m having a birthday party.
YMC: Oh, happy birthday! How old are you?
DynaGirl: Eleven.
YMC: Man, 11 seems like a long time ago. Then he looks at me. Not as long for me, as for you. No offense.

*Everyone should have a birthday club—I think I’ve mentioned before there’s a group of five of us who go out to celebrate our birthdays.  Each year is a different themed gift and we take turns “hosting” (preparing the gift, buying the birthday girl dinner).  This year’s theme is music from the year you graduated high school.  It’s my turn to host, so I’ve been preparing my 1995 music mix and assembling my goodie baskets.  It’s been so fun–I live for this kind of stuff–and so nice to have something to look forward to for tonight.  I still need to do a separate post about birthday club.  You all need to start one.  Seriously.

*It’s hard to beat a 90s boy band music videoAwesome on so many levels.  Ushanka!

What have you learned lately?  What are your favorite songs from ’95?


19 Oct

Because Monday I got to…

drop DynaGirl off at school an hour early for art club
go home to get Goose ready for school (BigHugs is off all week because there’s no half-day kindergarten during conference week)
drop Goose off at school
go to my sister’s house to get my hair done
go home to get lunch for BigHugs
pick the girls up at school (half days for conference week)
take the girls to my sister’s to get their hair done
pick up Mr. T and my nephew from school
take Mr. T to my sister’s to get his hair done
take the girls to piano lessons
go back to my sister’s to pick up Mr. T
go home
take Mr. T to piano and pick up girls
take girls home
pick up Mr. T from piano
go home and get BigHugs ready for dance
take BigHugs to dance
go home and make dinner.

I don’t love Mondays. Or school conference weeks.

On a brighter note, Mr. T sent me a link to this:

Best. Choir teacher. Ever.  Delightful. 

Happy Tuesday!


11 Oct

Yesterday during church, Mr. T was thumbing through the pocket notebook I keep in my purse.

*Goose’s handwriting
to do list
my handwriting
wrap. paper
towel rack
toilet seat?
fem prod.

*Goose’s handwriting
shopping list grocery list
1 marshmellows
2 costumes
3 soda
4 hot dogs 23 hot dog buns
5 barbacue sauce
6 peporonie
7 candy
8 hot chocolate with
9 marshmellows
10 plain hot chocolate
11 bread
12 milk
13 juice
14 umbrellas
15 bananas
16 dried fruit
17 cheetos
not list
bag pipes
chicken tenders
18 orange chicken
19 soy sauce
20 fruit cups
21 skinny cows
22 chips
(arrow pointing to hot dog buns)
24 mini whole pickles
25 oreos
26 cookies
27 mini bagels
28 chili

*BigHugs July 1 ’10
20 min into our 12 hr car ride. How much longer?


Doodles of distinction

*Goose’s handwriting
to do list
go shoping
go clean house
make dinner
put BigHugs on computer
get ready
for guest
get mail


*DynaGirl–I’m not super absorbent.
(my side note) observant?

*At the bookstore with Al.
Little Vampire Women – Lynn Messina
Little Women and Werewolves – Porter Grand
Android Karenina – Ben Winters

*2 crunchy beef tacos (no cheese or lettuce)
2 crunchy beef tacos w/lettuce & tomato no cheese
1 been & cheese burrito no onions
4 fiesta potatoes
Yeah, I misspelled “bean”.

*At the dentist office.
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Tracks of My Tears
The Fray – Over My Head
Sweetest Taboo
Find 100 Ways – love her today
Richard Marx


I'm pretty sure DynaGirl knows how to spell "styles" now.

*1st L after Fruit

*forgot to bring a book to the DMV
Time machine – go back & get my book
– or go forward to my turn

*still at the DMV
grumpy photo lady with sparkly shamrock headband antennae
bell ringing – Every time a bell rings, someone gets their license
glad I didn’t go with the blue sweater–same color as the picture background/curtain

*(Goose’s handwriting)
Grocery list
Tic-tacs for Goose
Goose a new notebook
a computer for Gooses room.

*Maggiano’s 7:15

* *eyeroll*

Do you keep a notebook or pad of paper in your purse?  What for?

Spawn of Bythelbs

6 Oct

This one was a while ago.

DynaGirl: Do old people take baths or showers?

Me: I don’t know.  What made you think of that?

DG: I don’t know.

Me: It probably depends on how well they can stand.

DG: What if they had to use their walkers in the shower? Maybe some do…wrapped in plastic.

For some reason, whenever I read that last line, I always hear Jack Nicholson’s voice, “Wrapped in plaaastic.”


Watching Tears for Fears’ Mad World video.

Me: Check out his hair.

Mr. T: He’s got, like, an ushanka on his head.

Me: What’s an ushanka?

Mr. T: A Russian hat.  Come on, Mom, learn your hats!

Me: Where did you learn that?

Mr. T: I don’t know.  I think it was on Dora or something.

Obviously, I’m not watching enough Dora.


Mr. T makes an important announcement.

Mr. T: OK, everyone, Goose is no longer a (part of the family*).  She’s watching Jonas.

Not Jonas!  Oh, where did we go wrong??

*originally he used our last name.


Family togetherness.

DynaGirl: The tops of your feet are soft.

Mr. T: Stop feeling me, freak!

I can’t fault him there.


Mr. T makes a life-changing discovery.

Mr. T: Did you know giraffes don’t have vocal chords?  So all these years I’ve been trying to figure out what sound a giraffe makes, and it doesn’t make any sound.  If they had one of those wheel things of the African savanna, giraffes wouldn’t be on there.

All these years.


Random conversation with the girls.

Me: Can you imagine Mr. T breakdancing?

I break out my best breakdancing moves.

Goose: You suck.

Me: What?!

Goose: At dancing!

Me: Like that makes it better?

Goose: I didn’t say you suck.

Me: Yes, you did.

DynaGirl: But not, like, ultimately at everything.  Just dancing.  Yeah, so it’s almost a compliment.  Turns to Goose.  I got your back. They knucklebump.

Yeah, almost.


Bythelbs makes a special request.

Me: Can you stop being weird?

Mr. T: You spawned your children, you get the consequences.

Yeah, sometimes “spawned” seems an appropriate term.

DynaGirl is…

2 Oct

Silly and smart
Magical and mature

Amiable and admirable
Honest, helpful and humorous

Happy 11th birthday!  We love you!