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While I was out

28 Apr

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so you should be loving the frick out of me right about now.

*I promised to tell you about that All-City Choir thing.  It met with my expectations, which is to say it was just as painful as ever.  The Safety Dance was definitely the highlight, though the Orca-stra’s number this year was certainly memorable as well.  Eight or so beginning violinists and just about as many beginning vocalists performed Pachelbel’s Canon together.  How does a choir go about performing Pachelbel’s Canon you ask?  Well, by having their school secretary/choir director write lyrics for it, of course!

We are the future of the world
Our generation will observe.
We are waiting
and also anticipating.

Repeat. Repeatedly.

Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

*My dentist appointment was fairly uneventful besides the one cavity and the possible need for a new crown. One thing that sucks about Saturday appointments is that the receptionist is not there to turn on the muzak. Total silence! Also, there was a different hygienist who apparently was completely immune to the charms of my beautiful hair, skin and wardrobe. Total lack of compliments! Which just goes to show, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

*Chuck got back in town and has since left again.  We’ll see him again on the 7th of next month.

*My dad came to visit for spring break.  It was delightful.

*My BIL and SIL and another SIL and her four children came up to visit for an evening.  Also delightful.  No, really.

*My high school BFF came for a girl’s weekend.  We wandered around Pike Place Market and stumbled upon the disgustingly awesome “Gum Wall”:

A small portion of the Gum Wall.


Here’s a closer look:

Disgustingly awesome. And also disgusting.

Had a religious experience with fried dough:

Deliciously awesome. And also delicious.

And tip-toed through the tulips:

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival - the pictures don't do it justice.


Insert angelic chorus here.

*I survived an all-day field trip with DynaGirl’s 5th grade class (7am-7pm), for which I had to drive/chaperone.  I was partnered up with a dad from the class I had only met once before years ago and was concerned that it would be an awkward day, but he was actually delightful and very entertaining.  He insisted on my trying out his Maui Jim sunglasses, which were amazing.  Seriously, if I wasn’t incapable of spending more than $10 on sunglasses, I would totally pick up a pair.  Also, he shared his nuts with me on the ferry.  Praline pecans.  Yum.
*I also survived the first 30 minutes of the elementary school talent show, which included “Hey Soul Sister” sung by the middle school choir club (yikes), a Katy Perry number (double yikes), an unenthusiastic Bollywood dance number (yawn), and a Justin Bieber number (musical taste aside, at least the kid could sing).  DynaGirl and Goose played piano (separately), and performed very well.  I even had a mother send me an e-mail complimenting their preparedeness and expressiveness and wanting to know who their teacher was.  We left right after they were done, and I don’t feel even a little bit guilty about it.  The evening was combined with a $6 per person potato bar dinner (which we were not eating) and a basket raffle/silent auction fundraiser (which we were not participating in).  They interrupted the performances every couple of acts to announce winners.  Plus, we had been asked to be there an hour before it started, so they could run through the performances, but that never happened.  We just sat around.  For an hour.
Other than that, just same ol’, same ol’.  What have you been up to?