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I’m still alive

26 Aug

This morning while trying to retrieve a giant beef stick from my trunk, I gave myself a fat lip when I shut the trunk door.  How does one give one’s self a fat lip while shutting a trunk door you ask?  Well, it’s easier than you would think.  At least easier than I would think because I would think it  nearly impossible, yet here I am.  I would provide you with details, but I think it would make the anecdote less interesting. 

We’ve been doing swim lessons here for the past three weeks.  Well, not here as in here in my house, but here as in members of my household have been participating in swim lessons.  Swim lessons this year have not been nearly as exciting as in years past–no air sports guy or any other particularly interesting characters.  A kid did hurl in the pool a couple of days ago.  That was somewhat noteworthy, I suppose.  At least my kids found it so, as they kept bringing it up right in front of the kid’s mother who just happened to be sitting next to me every single day.  My favorite was BigHugs yesterday:  “Good thing that kid didn’t barf in the pool again, right Mom?!”  Right.

Hmm…what else?  We’re getting new carpet next week.  That’s pretty exciting, I suppose.  It would be even more exciting if getting new carpet didn’t mean that I would be spending the next few days painting and boxing up crap and shuffling said crap around and taking down furniture and shuffling said furniture around and crap.  That’s a lot of crap for one sentence, but that’s also a lot of crap for one Bythelbs who is not accustomed to having to do a lot of crap work.  Correction–who is not accustomed to actually finishing a lot of crap work.  Crap.

I’m off to take Mr. T back to school clothes shopping, which sounds a lot more exciting than it actually is, I’m sure. 

Have a crap-free weekend!