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12 Sep

Mr. T had a birthday.  He’s 15 and every bit as awesome as he was at 14.



After school snack.

Me: Why are you shoving that in your mouth all at once.  It’s not as enjoyable that way.

Mr. T: It’s more efficient.

Me: Food’s not about efficiency, it’s about enjoyment.

Mr. T: Everything’s about efficiency.  That’s why I try my hardest when I go to the bathroom.

Me: ???

Mr. T: I make every trip count.



Mr. T: If I shampoo my chest, does that mean more hair will grow?

He’s smarter than he looks.


Mr. T: If I were a millionaire, I’d completely fill my pockets with quarters and then go around asking random people trivia questions.  Then if they got the answers right, I’d throw quarters at them.

It’s important to have dreams.


Mr. T: I’m actually pretty sure I have like a good memory or something.

He gets it from me.


Mr. T: I’m a teenager.  We’re wasteful–it’s what we do.

Self-awareness abounds at this house.


At the dinner table. BigHugs still insists on chocolate milk.

Chuck: Eventually you’re going to need to learn to drink regular milk.

Mr. T: Eventually you’re going to need to learn to drink the blood of your enemies.

BigHugs: Ew, gross!

DynaGirl, to Mr. T: You have a dark mind.

Chuck: It’s all those video games.



Hidden treasures at the bottom of Mr. T’s backpack.

The guy with the sword has a jet pack on his back. I had to ask.

We love you, Mr. T.  Happy birthday! 
P.S. Hope you’re enjoying that giant beef stick!