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It was a dark and stormy afternoon

16 Nov

Man, I feel like crap. Yes, crap. Pardon my French.  Sore throat, pounding head, achy neck and back.  General all-over throbbingness.  Poor me.

DynaGirl’s also been home sick the past couple of days.  Boo.

A heads up to my local readers: stay off the roads for the next 30 minutes or so.  Mr. T is out driving—his first behind the wheel since starting driver’s ed last week.  He’s only had about an hour and a half of practice time since he just got his permit two weeks ago and ten days of that we were driving a rental car.

We are no longer driving a rental car.  We have a new car.  Well, new to us anyway.  Five days after we dropped our car off at the body shop, the insurance company called to say they were totalling our car.  Double boo.  We had about a week to find a new one before our free rental ran out.  That was a little bit of an adventure that might deserve its own post.  We will see.

One thing I learned driving the rental car is that I am old.  You know you’re old when you start cursing the new-fangled-technology-ness of a car and need to read the owner’s manual to figure out how to turn on the headlights.  And don’t even get me started on those automatic doors.

I’m sure there are some other things worth noting, but I just can’t think straight at the moment.  I’m only posting now to keep myself from falling asleep before it’s time to pick up Mr. T from his drive.  Plus I wanted to say hello and that I miss you and that I hope all is well.

Stay tuned.  Perhaps in the near future I’ll tell you about Halloween or my battle with DynaGirl’s principal or my car-shopping adventures in which I may or may not have been mistaken for someone’s “life partner”.

Until then.