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My new favorite cover

23 Mar

Most of you have probably already seen this, but it’s worth multiple viewings:

Walk Off the Earth, Somebody That I Used to Know


The dude in the middle and the bearded guy are my favorites.

I like the original of the song as well, but the video kind of frightens me.


I don’t usually talk about religion

20 Mar

Classic DynaGirl:

Why do they call it happy hour when it makes Jesus sad?


Scripture study tangents or Mr. T in perfect form:

DynaGirl: So our spirits look like our bodies?

Me: Yeah.

DynaGirl: So I’m always going to look like myself, even when I’m resurrected?

Me: Yeah, but you’ll be your most awesome self.

Mr. T: So I’ll have a karate gi, awesome sideburns and a reverse mullet with pecs like dinner plates.