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Le harumph

20 Sep

“Why are all my facebook sidebar advertisements about weight loss??” says the woman eating straight out of a mostly empty bag of mini Nutter Butters.

Who does that??

19 Sep

So one of those dear newly-befriendeds sent me a thank you note for accepting her friend request. I’m thinking she might notice if I suddenly drop her–will have to go with the hide/block for now.

But seriously, a thank you note? I’m trying to decide if that’s incredibly sweet or incredibly creepy. I think I know which direction I’m leaning.


18 Sep

I’ve had about 20 friend requests sitting in my little FB friend request box for months now. I finally decided to accept three of them and almost instantaneously regretted it. Is it just coincidence that these three now constitute 95% of my news feed?

Your child drank two whole cups of ice water after playing outside in 90 degree weather? Really? Stop the presses!

A link to a “nice article” about Days of Our Lives? And you want to know if I have “any thoughts”? Really?

Watching the CMA’s last night with your kids was a memory that will last forever? FOR-EVER? Really?? Either way, I don’t care! Stop posting, people!

What is the proper etiquette for unfriending someone? Is there a minimum time you must try them out before you pull the plug? Or can I just call it now?


I’m like the crypt keeper

13 Sep

Last night Goose went roller skating with her church youth group. When she got home, Chuck and I grilled her on all the particulars as we strolled down our own memory lane.

Chuck: Did they have a disco ball?

Goose: Yeah.

Chuck: Did they turn the lights down low?

Goose: Yeah.

Chuck: Did they play music?

Goose: Yeah. They played old-timey stuff like Eye of the Tiger.

Me: Old-timey??

When did old-timey go from Jimmy Crack Corn to Eye of the Tiger??

Magnificent Seven

10 Sep

On July 31, BigHugs turned 7. Seven!

In honor of her 7th birthday, here are seven magnificent things about BigHugs:

1. She calls a 2-piece bathing suit a boo-kini.

2. She has developed a love for reading. Her current favorites are the Junie B. Jones books. Sometimes she insists on reading entire passages to me out loud so I can share her amusement. One day after reading The Mountain That Loved a Bird, she came to tell me all about it. “It was very nice. It has beautiful pictures. It took me places. Miss Celia [school librarian] has a chart that says stories take you places and this one did. It was me on a mountain. It was cool.”

3. She is admired by her peers. Last school year her class was encouraged to write letters to each other. She frequently received ones just like this:

Dear BigHugs,
I like you so much. You are smart. You are the little red hen. And you are kind and sweet. I like your handwritinge. You are cute. I like your jackit.

She is popular, not because she plays into the girl drama and manipulations that were already running rampant through her first grade classroom (that was so confusing to her!), but because she is kind and sweet to everyone.

4. She makes us laugh every day. The other night while we were eating chicken teriyaki she said, “I just can’t get these chopsticks to work. Are these for left-handers or something?”

5. She still absolutely adores pigs, and even had a pig-themed birthday party this year.

6. She is very sensitive to others and has a well-developed conscience. She feels guilt when she has done something wrong or thinks she’s done something wrong, and feels really bad if she thinks she has hurt someone else’s feelings. She is very quick to apologize and take responsibility for her actions.

7. She just started taking piano lessons and sings along while she practices the songs in her primer book. She also likes to sing along to the songs pre-programmed into our keyboard. There are few things more delightful than hearing your 7 year old singing “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Happy 7th Birthday, BigHugs! We love you!