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At last

22 Feb

We the sisterhood hereby instate the following rules to govern the use of the traveling notebook:

1. The Notebook should be kept for a period of about one week.   The Notebook should be circulated in a timely manner.   (No one should have a chance to forget its existence before they’ve had a chance to see it.)  See the list at the back of the book for the next sister to send it to.

2. There is no minimum/maximum entries requirement, but keep in mind the Notebook is for everyone, not just you. (Don’t be a page hog.)

3. Don’t use the Notebook for your blog. Don’t blog/tweet/fb about anyone else’s entries. Don’t duplicate your own entries for your blog unless you’re using the Notebook to tell the “real” story you would be too embarrassed to post on your blog (which would actually be encouraged).

4. You must identify any foreign substance that makes its way into/onto the Notebook for the peace of mind of everyone else who will be using the Notebook. (You may lie if necessary.)

5. The Notebook must never enter a bathroom. In case of emergency (ie: being in a public place and having to use a restroom and there’s no one to hold the Notebook while you’re in the bathroom, the Notebook must be safely tucked inside your jacket or purse or something so that it never touches the facilities.)

6. Don’t share anything too private. We are all interested in the intimate details of your life, but not the intimate details.  It may also be wise to leave out anything that could be used against you in a court of law.

7. You must never tear pages out of the Notebook. There will never be a time when this will not be tacky. This isn’t a time to be perfect, but a time to be real.  (Exceptions would be in cases of violations of some of the above rules–use your best judgement.)

8. You may comment on other entries, but be respectful.  And witty.

9. For the last page you write on before mailing it to the next participant: On the left side of the page, write the most exciting place you have been while in possession of the Notebook. On the right side of the page, write the most important thing that has happened to you while in possession of the Notebook. Also, affix some kind of memento of your week to the cover, taking care not to interfere with what others have already contributed to the cover decorations.

10. Remember: The Notebook=Love.  Love your sisters.  Love yourself.

Sorry it took so long, but I decided I would wait until I had finished my week with the Notebook so I could make them up as I went along.  I think I managed to include everyone else’s contributions as well.

The plan is to send it on its merry way tomorrow.  You’re up next, Tawnya, so keep an eye out for it.

Have a great weekend, ladies!


Hi there

7 Feb

Just a quick reminder to those of you participating in the Traveling Notebook to check your e-mails.  I sent off an e-mail this afternoon to get/verify your mailing addresses. For most of you, these were sent to whichever e-mail address you use when commenting on the blog.

I had planned to get a finalized version of The Rules posted by now, but I have a eBook that expires in the next 24 hours that needs my immediate attention!  Hopefully The Rules will go up tomorrow.  Or possibly Monday.  I commit to nothing.


Put a lid on me

4 Feb

So, um, it’s February.  I woke up with a backache two weeks ago and promptly used it as an excuse to do basically nothing.  It’s still sore, but improved.  What started out feeling like labor pains is now just a dull ache.  Sometimes I don’t even notice, other times not so much.  Nothing like a few aches and pains to make me feel every day of my 39 years.

But I’ve decided I  can’t carry on this way.  My back is dead to me–time to move on.  (It’s really not that bad.)

I still have to put some finishing touches  on The Rules (like, write them).  Hopefully that will be up tomorrow and this week I will begin this little experiment.  Thank you for the contributions and suggestions.  (That is a sincere statement to those who actually contributed and a little bit of sarcasm to the rest of you slackers.)  I will need to double check everyone’s address. I’ll be sending out an e-mail to the account you use to make comments, so keep an eye out for that in the next couple days.  And it’s not too late to join in if anyone else is interested.

I had a mental list of things to talk about, but I’m currently unable to locate it.

I could tell you about my mini-breakdown over my dad’s announcement that he’s moving.  I guess I didn’t really expect them to live in our old house forever, but it was still upsetting. I’m pretending to be over it, though, since a) it’s not like I can do anything about it anyway and 2) it’s not like I can do anything about it anyway.  Have I ever told you how sentimentally (and irrationally) I get attached to things?  No?

It didn’t help that the day before my dad’s big announcement an acquaintance (the mother of one of my daughter’s friends) lost her mother.  There were things already stirred and stewing, and my dad’s call kind of made it all bubble over.  I guess some things you just never get over.

On a related note, I’ve discovered that even the deepest empathy does not give you the words to comfort someone in the midst of sorrow.  While there are definitely wrong things to say, I’m not convinced that there is any right thing to say.

Man, I hadn’t intended to be such a bummer.

On a lighter note…

Me, to whichever child was eating the Pringles: Put the lid back on so they don’t get old.

Mr T:  If only you could do that with people.

If only.