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Sock the Monkey to life

23 Jun

I should tell you, dear reader, that before I started this whole blogging business, I had no particular affinity for the sock monkey.  Naturally I recognized that they were their own special kind of awesome, but I never really gave them a second thought.  Until that fateful day when I announced the results of my first blog contest.  I had to admit that I hadn’t the foggiest idea what the prize would be, so I searched the internets for ideas of what might be an appropriate prize and stumbled upon the sock monkey.  Then I showed you all this and this and this and this and since then my life has never been the same.

My sock monkey post visits account for nearly 10% of my total page views, and “sock monkey” and all manner of variations thereof is by far my most popular search hit.  Obviously, with larger forces of the universe at work here, I’ve felt I’ve had no other choice than to embrace the sock monkey.  And embrace it I have.

Last week Julie sent me this link and I knew I had met my sock monkey destiny.  I made this little guy all mine:


Isn’t he the most precious thing you have ever seen?  (And very reasonably priced, too—bonus!)  And I have to tell you that Lisa from Mostly Monkeys is her own special kind of awesome.  She almost immediately contacted me after placing my order, thanked me and kept me updated on when my monkey should arrive, etc.  I received my monkey within 2 or 3 days, and he arrived with this enclosure:

Now if that’s not quality customer service, I don’t know what is.

So now, of course, I’m all in raptures over my new found sock monkey soul mate.  There’s just one thing preventing my complete joy—my sock monkey has no name.  And a sock monkey with no name is like a (something something) without a (something else that’s really important).  Can you help me?  Will you help me?  Will you help us?  There may or may not be something in it for you, if that helps.